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God appeared and revealed Himself to Abraham as El-Shaddai (The Almighty God). That was all he knew about God (Genesis, 18:1).

Moses was only aware of the God of Abraham (El-Shaddai) at the early stages of his life until God visited him and gave him a higher revelation of Himself than what Abraham had, which is: YHWH or JEHOVAH (Exodus 6:3).

Imagine if Abraham had lived in Moses' day, and Moses came to him and said: "Do you know Papa Ab that The Most High God appeared to me and told me that His name is JEHOVAH?" Abraham would probably have argued and said, "Great-great-great grandchild Moses, I've been in ministry long before you were born. When God appeared to me in the plains of Mamre, He told me His name is El-Shaddai, so l don't know what you're talking about".

Two things we must understand is:

  1. Revelation is progressive

  2. God is the One who chooses who He gives what revelation to

You didn't necessarily get a revelation because you prayed for ten hours. You got a revelation because God chose to give it to you.

In the early years of my walk with God, l read so many Christian books of authors I trusted. Kenneth E. Hagin was one of my favorites. In one of his books, he wrote about one of the times Jesus appeared physically to him. He warned him against using his legs to minister to the sick. In the words of Jesus to Kenneth Hagin, "Lay your hands, not your legs." Kenneth E. Hagin never ministered to the sick using his legs.

Years later, l saw Pastor Chris Oyakhilome use his legs to minister to a man in a wheelchair, and the man got healed. I saw him do that several times later, all with positive results. To be honest, l was surprised. Why was l surprised? The fact that the man walked, l knew it was a mighty miracle from God, but what l couldn't get, was that Jesus appeared to Kenneth E. Hagin and told him never to use his legs, yet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome used his legs, and the miracle happened.

When l took the matter to the Lord and asked Him, He explained to me that revelation is progressive and sometimes personal. When He said not to use legs, that was a personal instruction to Kenneth E. Hagin. To Pastor Chris, who was in a generation later than Kenneth's, God gave a higher revelation, and that's why he got results.

When you see a man producing results, don't outrightly condemn him and say, "No, that can't be God. I know God appeared to so-so-so and so and said it must be this way or that way". You are not God!

No man of God is a monopoly of divine revelation, and so we must not necessarily accept all he says. He is not God! He is only a servant of God. All he knows is what God has taught him. There may be a newer revelation, which he is not aware of at that time.

God said, "Wherever the soles of your feet tread upon, that place have I given to you" (Deuteronomy 11:24). When I understood this, I too began to use my legs, and I have seen great miracles.

Never criticize what you want. If you see someone operating slightly differently from what you are used to, don't bash the individual. Either you take the matter to God, with a sincere heart that seeks wisdom or like Nicodemus, you go directly to the person and ask questions.

When you do this, you will always be informed of the latest move of God.

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