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In this world, there are three sets of eyes: the human eyes, the eye of the soul, and the eye of the spirit. Your human eyes help you see in this physical world, but it's through the eye of the soul you create visions.

For example, close your eyes and picture yourself in front of your house.

Now open your eyes.

While imagining yourself standing in front of your house, many of you saw the color of your door and other details like the doorknob and doorbell.

You were able to visualize the door because that's where you come into your house every day. You already had it etched in your mind, so it was easy to use your imagination to get there.

Now the eye with which you saw your front door is the eye of your soul, and this is the same technique you can use to create visions for your life.

Another example is an architect. When asked to design a building, they first create a vision in their mind, then that vision is drafted onto paper, he then makes a miniature model of the structure, and finally, gives it to a contractor who then builds the physical building.

Where did that building come from?

It came from the architect's mind— his vision! The house first existed in his mind before it was built in the physical world.

Without a long-term plan—without a vision—people are likely to wander aimlessly. In other words, if you want to survive, be successful and live a glorious life, you must have a vision. If you are unable to perceive it in your mind, you will never receive the physical manifestation.

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