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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Angels are helping spirits, which are sent out as servants to those who will inherit salvation -Hebrews 1:14

Some time ago, I had a colleague from Bulgaria who said she did not believe in God. I then asked her if she ever had an experience of something pressing her at night, and she answered in the affirmative. I then asked her what she thought it was that pressed her, and she said, “a demon!”

I then asked her that if there were evil spirits that tried to kill her, did she not think that there would be good spirits who will want to help her?

Angels exist, and they are very real. My first encounter with them was in the year 2000. I was a young chap with a desire to see the power of God at work in my life, so I would usually escape from the house while my folks were asleep and go out to a field to pray at midnight. That particular night, I had just got back to my room from praying, the power of God was so strong on me, and I was feeling hot. I tried to switch on the old standing fan we had in our bedroom, but it did not come on. I called my younger brother, who was technically inclined, to check the fan. He checked it and could not fix it, so he went to the sitting room to sleep –and I was left with a broken fan in a hot bedroom. At this point, I remembered that God sends angels to assists His children, so by faith, I said: “angels fix this fan,” and like a joke, I heard in my spirit “please put off the fan sir,” so I did. Not long after falling asleep, I felt someone tap me. As I woke up, I heard “the fan is working sir,” so I reached my hands and pressed the button of the fan. To my amazement, it was working!

The next night, I got back from praying again and was feeling hot. I turned the fan on, and even though it was working, it was not producing enough breeze to cool me, so I spoke to them again. I said, “angels fan me,” and to my utter amazement, I started feeling the cool breeze coming from the direction of the room wall! Then I heard them say to me, “sir, you could have a ceiling fan you know.

Guys, relax,” I replied, “my faith has not gotten to that level,” I continued.

Then they said, “Sir, do not say that” (how often we embarrass our angels by the statements we make). They said, “just speak the word, and we will carry it out.” So, I said, “in the name of JESUS, I receive a ceiling fan.”

They said “when?” and I said, “next week.

This conversation was going on at about 2 am on a Friday.

Later that day, my mom wanted me to accompany her to see her sister, so I went with her. On getting to my aunt’s house, I noticed that a technician was changing her ceiling fan. While I was watching, my aunt walked up to me and asked me, “Do you want a ceiling fan?!” To say I was shocked was an understatement. I said, “yes of course. Can I take it now?” and she said, “no, you can come next week because I have to tell my husband first” wow! I went the Monday after and took the fan. It was too good to be true, so I gave the fan to my beloved friend Charles Philip, to install in his room.

This was the beginning of my very many encounters with angels. Jesus said in Luke 16:8 that the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. Why did He say that? Because those in the negative spiritual understand that there are demonic angels at their service and are taking advantage of them to get money, fame, and fortune. At the same time, many of God’s children do not even know that they have divine assistance available. Angels are eager to serve you, but you must permit them to function for you. The Bible says that angels have a language (1 Cor.13:1). The Bible says in Psalm 103:20, “Bless the Lord, you angels, who are obedient to the voice that speaks God’s word.” Every time you pray or declare words that are consistent with God’s word, you’re speaking the language of angels, so they become activated. Get your angels busy today by proclaiming God’s word over your life.

Say: I am a success. I am a victor. God’s word is working mightily in my life. I am not alone, for God is with me. I am not alone, for angels are with me. I am helped. Glory to God!

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