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Some years ago, we were in dire need of a venue for our Church and visited another Church, to see the minister in charge. Some foreign students were using the place for their Sunday services, but most of them had left Cyprus, so the place was vacant.

When the Bishop saw me and heard me speak, he was really excited seeing a young person so on fire for God. He almost immediately released the place to us. He only wanted to first speak with the elders of the Church for formality sake, before allowing us to use the place. In my heart, I said I would partner with that Church and make myself available anytime they wanted. If they needed me to minister in a miracle program, I would always be available, because I have the anointing for that. I did not tell him that though.

After about a week, he invited us to the Church to meet with its elders and to be interviewed by them. I went with a few of my leaders. The atmosphere was a bit different this time. The reception was not as friendly as it was initially. The elders, (all men in their fifties and sixties), sat around like the Sanhedrin and I felt like Jesus in their midst, about to be grilled. They asked question after question and I answered them. Then they began to give us rule after rule, which would be conditions for them to release the place to us. For a second, I wondered if I was in a Church of Jesus Christ or somewhere else. The extreme conditions they gave us, was just their way of saying "We'd rather you went somewhere else". I thanked them and told them we would get back to them.

All that while, the Lord was quiet. When I took the matter to the Lord, then He spoke and told me to reject the conditions and the place. He told me that He had a better place for me but that I should first use what I had - My house. I believe God spoke to the Bishop to accept us, but he changed his mind after listening to some of the elders speak to him. I sent the Bishop a message, thanking him for giving us audience and informing him that we would not be needing the place anymore. Following this, I started using my house.

We grew until the house was too small. We moved from hotel to hotel, until God gave us the place He promised. God used a man who hardly goes to Church, to do for us what Church folks would not do. The man gave us a place for a very good price and a long-lasting contract, absolutely without conditions! Such a man! What a blessing upon his life. Imagine the miracles that have taken place on his property. If he was not saved, God will send someone to him that will lead him to Christ, even if it is last minute salvation.

When a Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ would not be used by God to help us, God used an unbeliever! If God speaks to you to help someone, obey Him and help. If you don't, God will by-pass you and use someone else. He is God!

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