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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Some years ago, a member of my church approached me after a service and stated that The Holy Spirit told her that she should be giving me a certain amount of money every month.

Unbeknownst to me, this sister was living a double life at that time. I trusted her and gave her a leadership position in the church.

One day in a vision, The Lord revealed to me the real character of this sister, and I was astounded. If God did not show me for Himself in the dream, I would not have believed it even if someone told me.

I knew it was a revelation from God, but I did not have any tangible proof. I called the sister and asked about her activities. I urged her not to lie to me since the revelation came from God. She flat-out denied it!

She tried to fool me, but it was impossible to deceive the Holy Spirit.

As she turned to go, I asked the Lord to please clarify the issue because she confidently told me the things, I saw in the vision were not accurate.

Later, the Lord reiterated what He showed me in the previous vision. This time, it was clear, precise and the revelation was astonishing.

The following day, I called her after the Sunday service and asked, "Why did you lie to me?" She was shocked and queried if someone had told me. It was the Holy Spirit! The sister eventually broke down crying and began to confess some of the things she was doing.

After hearing her confession, I encouraged, advised, and prayed with her.

Not long after, she came to me and stated that The Holy Spirit led her to give me a certain amount of money every month.

At that time, the money would have been useful to me, but I feared God.

I knew she had not truly repented.

I refused to sell my birthright for a morsel of meat.

During the next service, The Holy Spirit directed me to preach on 2 Corinthians chapter eight — where the Churches in Macedonia first gave themselves to The Lord before they gave their offerings. Then I made a bold statement "IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST —KEEP YOUR OFFERING!"

Not long after, she left the church, and many things happened because she was very well connected, but I was not moved.

I knew The Lord was pleased with me.

Today, I receive more than a hundred times that amount of money every month. God is faithful indeed and will reward those that stand for Him.

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댓글 7개

tafadzwa mudondo
tafadzwa mudondo
2021년 4월 16일

Powerful testimony. its always important to listen to the Holy Spirit and remain faithful to God. By the fruits we bear, we are known. We can not hide from God. He only brings our hidden sins to light because he loves us, so that we repent. May God help us.


Asata Kromah
Asata Kromah
2021년 3월 03일

Amen and amen


heidi mbamuku
heidi mbamuku
2021년 3월 02일

He knows our ways, our thoughts, our deeds, our God knows them all. There is no hiding place. 🙏


Yes, God is real. God time is the best time. You are a testimony.



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