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Some people erroneously think that when they contact a man of God for prayers concerning a situation, the job is 100% his, and there's no need for them to rely on their faith.

Even Jesus needed people to have faith for Him to do anything for them.

A few years ago, a dear sister contacted me because of a situation at her workplace. When she explained the situation to me, honestly, I personally had no faith to deal with the matter –It was a dire situation!

I tried to explain certain things to her, but she won't accept what I was saying. "Pastor, God has used you in my life, so I know that if you just pray, I'll get my testimony." She said, "You just do the praying and let God do the answering" What faith!

Reluctantly, I told her I was going to pray for her, and that night I did. When I spoke to the Lord about her matter, to my utter amazement, God told me to tell her that she'd get her testimony.

As a messenger, my job is to relay messages whether I believed them or not, so I told her the Lord told me.

A few nights later, she sent me a message to tell me that she had been enrolled! I was shocked!

This miracle had absolutely nothing to do with my faith. She stubbornly seized her miracle kabaya!


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