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Do not feel bad when it looks like God is blessing those around you but not you.

Maybe you have been praying about something, and you have not yet seen its manifestation, yet others are testifying of the same thing. You might be tempted to think that God is not hearing you. Relax!

When it looks like your miracle is delaying, it is because God is preparing 'The mother of miracles' for you.

Years ago, I was praying for people and they were being blessed with visas to go to other more developed countries in Europe, and North America, yet I was stranded in Cyprus.

There was a fellow I prayed for while I was locked up in a detention center in Cyprus, because I didn't have my papers. He was granted a visa to go to The United States of America. I was not bothered because I knew that if He was using me to bless others, my case was settled.

Today, not only has God blessed me to be in The United States of America, He has also opened a big door of ministry for me in this country.

If your miracle seems to be delaying, while others are already testifying, hold on- GOD IS PREPARING THE MOTHER OF MIRACLES FOR YOU

Scripture: Habakkuk 2:3 (NLT)

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