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I was singing and walking along a road many years ago when a lady approached me and said to me, "You have a terrible voice. People like you shouldn't be singing." When she said that, I understood what she meant. I was getting older, approaching my late teens, and my voice had begun cracking. It was not as good as it used to be, but l did not give up. I started singing in front of the mirror in my dad's bedroom when no one was present. I did that for years. I began to prophesy to myself that l would one day sing before thousands of people. I would sometimes sing like an audience of several thousands of people were watching me.

By the time l got into university, I was asked by the Campus's fellowship pastor to join the choir after hearing me sing. By the end of the first semester, I was handling the choir. I started singing before hundreds of people. I was the star in my school choir.

I later joined the choir in my church in town and started as an ordinary member. In that choir, I was not the star. My friend and brother, Chris, was the star and I celebrated him and was not envious.

My moment came later. Chris had gone to school, leaving a big space in the choir. We were given an assignment by the pastor, to compose a song on 'Target 50', a theme for an ongoing church cell system campaign. I stayed awake all that night working on the song until I finally got it! I first presented the song in my local church, and my pastor was thrilled. I later sang the song during the all-night group meeting, and the group pastor was so amazed that he said, "You're going to perform this song during the zonal meeting."

As I stood before the several thousands of people during the zonal meeting, in a flash, I remembered the times I would stand before the mirror, imagining myself singing before thousands.

Our ministration was wow!

The group and I got a standing ovation from all the group pastors, leaders, and everyone present that day! The feeling was great!

"You will present this song during the next ministry program," The zonal pastor said. Although that didn't eventually happen for some reason, I was still satisfied. My dream had come true. I had become a star in the zone!

Today I have bigger dreams, which I know I will see fulfilled because the principle is the same. It does not matter what your dreams are today; don't give up!

Believe in them and stay focused on Jesus.

Anything is possible to the one that believes.

Your moment will come!

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