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I went to preach in a particular church some years ago, and after the service, I received a lot of 'seed' from members of that church. The Lord told me that I should not take a cent but rather give back to that church. So I took all the envelopes and gave them to the pastor for the development of the church. He didn't understand why —neither did I. All I knew was that the Lord spoke to me.

Today I look back, and I thank God I didn't take anything from there. There's a time for everything. As a young preacher, the Lord warned me to be careful of two wicked spirits that destroy men and women of God. One is Mammon –the god of worldly riches —Which is why Elisha rejected Naaman's reward (2 Kings 5:16). This is not to say that preachers shouldn't receive seed. After all, the Bible says in 1 Timothy 5:18 that a laborer is worthy of his reward. But that should not be the only motivation— The Spirit of God must lead us.

The second and most dangerous is Jezebel, the seductive spirit that leads to sexual immorality and witchcraft. She shows up in several forms and can even be found in the church (Revelation 2:20). Unknown to some, they've become victims of Jezebel, and if we are not aware of her tactics, she can cause great destruction (Proverbs 7:10-23).

I enjoy seeing miracles, and I'm full of joy every time I see one (John 16:24). God has granted me to see outstanding miracles, and I'll do anything to protect the power of God in my life, and so should you. Heed the advice of Paul to young Pastor Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:22 "Flee (scamper, run for your life from) youthful lusts..." Lust" is pluralized, which means it could come in money, sexual immorality, etc. Very great men and women have been brought down by these wicked spirits. I pray that God will lead you by His Spirit, preserve, and keep you blameless until the day of His appearing that you won't be found wanting in any area of your life in Jesus' name.

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Hallelujah, powerful


tafadzwa mudondo
tafadzwa mudondo
Dec 31, 2021

Amen very true. May the LORD help us not to have the love of the world in us. These days most of us focus on the high and bright life that take us away from God. May he strengthen the church with his Spirit so that we overcome. Thank you for the word.

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