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During one of our one-on-one ministrations, by the leading of the Spirit of God, I told a sister that she would receive an important call that week. She later sent me a text, to say that she had gotten the important call from home. Her uncle's wife had committed suicide but before she did, she wrote a suicide note, confessing all the evil she had perpetrated in the family. When she told me this, I was extremely sad. I told her not to rejoice about that.

The fact that someone died, was really sad for me. The truth is, there are some people who have pitched themselves against you; a child of God, who will just have to go. But do not rejoice about their fall. The Bible says "Don't rejoice when your enemy falls...Lest the Lord sees it and be displeased..."Proverbs 24:17-18

David did not rejoice at the death of his archenemy Saul, instead, he cried and mourned him.

When I first started as a young minister, I saw swift judgement come upon people who pitched themselves against me, while I was doing what God asked me to do.

I would often present the case to the Lord and ask Him to do something about it. Today I do not pray like that anymore. When people offend me, while I'm sure I'm doing what God asked me to do, I begin to ask for mercy for them. Everyone living on earth, irrespective of their beliefs, race, ethnicity, etc. is a soul that Jesus died for.

Take some time to pray for your enemies today and see how your Heavenly Father will cause you to rise far above, while they watch you.

Remember, He said "You O Lord prepare a table before me, in the presence [not the absence], of my enemies" Psalm 23:5

They have to be there!

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