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My grandfather Reverend Isaac Obu Samuel (Of blessed memory 1912-2006), though of the Anglican Communion, was a different kind of minister. He had notable miracles in his ministry and operated in the prophetic. In his last days, he shared several narratives about his life. He told us during his adolescent years, an angel came into his bedroom physically and said to him that from his loins will come out very great men. The angel also told him that God was going to use him – if he allowed Him. My granddad began to study the life of world-renowned Prophet Garrick Braide, (the first major prophet known in the entire West Africa region, from the same village as my granddad). He later joined the Christ Army Church (a Church founded by the followers of the prophet) and became the secretary of the Church. In 1965, he wrote a book titled “The Life of Garrick Braide,” which was used internationally in the prophet’s study. He later went to Bible school and became a minister in the Anglican Communion. One day, my grandfather was involved in a motorcycle accident, but when the dust cleared, he found himself standing on the other side of the road unharmed! People who witnessed the accident were utterly amazed because they saw him on the bike. The Spirit of God transported him ‘Philip style’ from danger. Another day, a woman in childbirth was at the point of death because she was not dilating. Her family called my granddad, and when he arrived, he stood before the door, and shouted, “COME OUT!” and the baby was instantly born. He was also known to have cast out demonic spirits from people, and he was well respected and revered. On one occasion, during one of our very usual family quarrels, Grandpa, who was an older man at that time, couldn’t control the situation physically. I, who had just begun understanding spiritual things, watched him closely to see what he would do – And he amazed me! I watched him take a jug full of water and began to pray. When he finished praying, he began to sprinkle that water on everyone who was shouting. I saw with my eyes that everyone that his water touched immediately became quiet! In a matter of seconds, the house was quiet! I can recall waking up very early in the morning to hear my granddad preach and pray on Radio Rivers in Port Harcourt neighborhood of Elelenwo. “I am the Reverend I.O. Samuel” as he concluded the program in his flawless English accent. My grandfather was not a perfect man, though. He made some mistakes that made me ask God specific questions about him, but in that area, the man of God wowed me also. During his ninetieth birthday, he called us and began to give us pieces of advice. He told us of the mistakes he made and that we should be sure we didn’t make them also. The words he spoke that day are like ornaments that I tie around my neck. With the help of God, I’ve been able to avoid his mistakes so far. Yesi, as we fondly called him, was a powerful man that seemed to cheat life. Well over ninety years, he was going around town all by himself. He told us that the Holy Spirit said to him that he would get to the mid-nineties’ age because he was waiting for something. What was he waiting for? I wondered for a long time until the event that took place on the 23rd of December 2005 seemed to fit the answer. I was moved by the Spirit to visit him, so I went to see him – He was almost ninety-four years old. When he saw me that day, for whatever reason I don’t know (I believe it was the Holy Spirit), he began to ask, “Of all my children, which of you will like to walk in the way of the Lord like I did and serve God?” One of my cousins was there that day, but he probably didn’t understand the spiritual implication of that question, so he didn’t take it seriously (He probably thought the old man was just talking). When a man who has spent his life serving a spirit (whether The Holy Spirit or an evil spirit) is about to exit this world, before he dies, he is expected to pass his mantle to a successor. Joshua succeeded Moses, Elisha succeeded Elijah, JESUS by the Apostles, and so on. Granddad was probably waiting for a successor before he went to glory. I stepped forward that day, and I told him that I was going to walk in the way of the Lord as he did. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to, and I answered in the affirmative. My grandfather blessed me that day and told me that I would succeed in ministry. Three months later, he went to be with the Lord. He wasn’t sick or anything like that. It was apparent that he had fought his fight and finished his course. After Rev. Isaac Obu Samuel died, we went to his bookshelves and discovered some old books of Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, Oswald Smith, and other great men of God - This clearly explained the miracles in his life. Today, I Isaac Samuel II bear the name of that great patriarch of faith and carry on my shoulder the spiritual mantle of my grandfather. Through me, I believe the words in which that angel spoke to him will be fulfilled even as it has begun happening. The memory of Yesi, will forever remain fresh in my heart, for the Bible says “The memory of the just is blessed...” (Proverbs 10:7)

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