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I had a dream in 2013, in which I saw myself in a congregation full of people.

As I looked, I saw the word "ALCOHOL" written on a man's chest. Then the Lord spoke to me and said: "From now on, you'll begin to know people's problems just by looking at them."

From then on, I began to know things about people just by looking at them. But my spiritual visions were blurry. .I needed to see it more clearly.

While watching the live video of a prophet whose prophetic gift I've always admired, I was led to sow a seed of a thousand dollars to support his ministry though I've never met him before.

Shortly after sowing that seed, I noticed my visions became clearer and more accurate.

My prophetic accuracy is almost a hundred percent!

Now I see clear visions, and I hear God more clearly. Glory to God!

I still have room for improvement. I need to sharpen my prophetic skills a bit more and be more accurate, as I prepare for the next phase of my assignment.

Though the prophetic anointing had always been on my life, it took me sowing a big seed to a person who had the gift I wanted to unlock it.

What gift do you have inside of you? Sometimes you might need to connect with someone that has it to unlock it.

May God cause you to shine with your gift so much that men will seek after you in Jesus name!

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