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One day many years ago, as a little boy, I asked my mom "Is it true that Prince Charles and Lady Diana had the best wedding ever?" And her answer was a firm, "No!" I couldn't understand why she said no because I had heard that that wedding was 'the wedding of the century.'

"So which wedding was the best?" I asked, expecting to hear of some royalties somewhere in Europe. "Mine" She said. I was confused. I couldn't understand why she said hers was better when I had heard on TV that Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding was the wedding of the century.

She later told me that everyone has an opinion and that that was her opinion. Growing up, I've come to understand that she was absolutely correct. God made us all differently, and in his mind, we were all perfectly made. The conditions in which we came into this world doesn't matter. Whether you were born into royalty or peasantry means nothing.

Don't look down on yourself and think that someone else is better than you. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Since the foundation of the earth, there has been no one that looks exactly like you, talks exactly like you, laughs exactly like you, or does everything exactly like you (Not even Siamese twins are like that).

You are unique. You are different. You are God's finest. Believe it. Tell this to yourself every day, and the Spirit of boldness and excellence will rise inside of you. #CHECKITCHURCH

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